As one of the leading manufactures in the design and supply, of Timber Roof Trusses to the construction industry our aim is always looking forward to new products to bring into the market place.

Smartroof brings a new dimension to roof construction. This patented and innovative panel system simply slots together and, for the very first time, spans from gable end to gable end.

A complete, eco friendly structural timber insulated panel system, smartroof creates not only instant room space, but also more of it. Although a unique new concept, smartroof comes with a comprehensive back-up infrastructure to support all your requirements. In total, smartroof brings a new dimension to the rooms-in-the-roof sector.

Smartroof is a revolutionary interlocking panel system that changes thinking on room in the roof design and construction. Spanning from gable to gable smartroof can provide benefits for the designer, the developer and homeowner.

  • 100% roof space utilisation
  • Unique window versatility
  • Rapid erection on site

With panels up to 6.0M long smartroof can accommodate the most common spans used on modern housing projects. Smartroof is supported by Wolf Systems fully integrated design and layout software making it easy to design, quote and manufacture. Smartroof is a natural add-on for manufacturers of timber frame wall panels, spandrel panels and floor cassettes.

Benefits of Smartroof

  • Delivery – in sets for crane off-load reduces manual handling
  • Delivery – eliminates need to climb on lorry.
  • Temporary bracing – spandrels eliminate masonry gables which can be susceptible to weather conditions.
  • Purlin free – eliminates the lifting of, difficult to handle, heavy purlins.
  • Built-in lifting points – eliminates errors in correct lifting of product.
  • Large sections – eliminates requirement to climb off the scaffolding during erection.
  • Panels – inherently safe as reduce risk of falling through roof structure.
  • Offsite – eliminates requirement for cutting on site, with benefit of minimal waste.
  • Speed – very rapid build reduces overall risk exposure.
  • Panels – gives safer base structure for tiling and finishing.
  • Floor – independent floor gives safe working platform.
  • Smartroof meets all latest robust detailing.
  • Smartroof ‘U’ Values