Harlow Timber Systems Expands again in 2018

Posted: Wed, 14 Mar 2018 11:15

Harlow Timber Systems Expanding again...

Harlow Timber Systems 2018 continues to expand in response to the significant uplift in the trussed rafter and metal web floor market.

Harlow Timber have bought another two units at the Bardon Hill Coalville, just yards away from our existing head office. The additional 14,000 sq/ft new unit will increase the production of Timber Roof trusses. Investment on two new press heads and a new saw will push production of trusses at Bardon to around the £175,000.00 per week mark. This increase in production capacity will allow Harlow Timber Systems to continue to provide the high quality service presently being enjoyed by its clients. On time every time.

Investment in the second unit some 9,000 sq/ft has allowed Harlow Timber Systems to expand it Feature Oak work - this unit will house the complete Oak frame business under one roof, with a showroom and meeting room for client to view their products being manufactured, it gives the client the reassurance that their product is being manufactured to the highest quality and protection.

In addition to this investment, the existing unit is having the Spandrel Panel production line increased with 2 more lines being installed to meet the increase in clients spandrel requirement.

The expansion includes new staff as well as new appointments, a large investment in a new fleet and the opening of another premises purely for production purposes.

We have a new designer Matthew Clarke who joined the company at the end of last year and has settled in very well with he team, he has also bought with him added value and design knowledge to the growing team.

Harlow Timber systems has also invested in two new 12 tonne rigid vehicles for specifically designed with an special extended bed and V invert for upside down transport of the larger trusses - this investment has within the last 3 months started paying for itself, plans are approved for another investment in this type of vehicle.

David Stockill, Managing Director said: " This second expansion marks another important step in Harlow Timber Systems Limited development as a company, we have worked hard to maintain our position within the truss market and building industry. This second huge investment will place Harlow Timber Systems into the big league. The company is positioning itself to meet the demand of the construction sector over the coming years. "

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