Harlow Timber Systems produce fantastic Oak Frames..

Posted: Fri, 01 Sep 2017 15:39

Harlow Timber Systems produce fantastic Oak Frames..

Harlow Timber Systems produce fantastic Oak Frames..

An extra care scheme for the over 55s, Phase 2 Humberstone Ave Grimsby is another flagship development by Westleigh. It also represents a challenging building project with a complex roof constructed using in excess of 1,000 timber trusses supplied by Harlow Timber Systems.

Harlow Timber Systems was asked by Westleigh, the building contractor for the multi-million pound scheme, to devise a roof for the Community Hub building. Working with the engineer Diamond Wood, it was decided at an early stage to supply the building with large Oak sections to complete the entrance, rear and link area.

The roof was formed using dual, preformed Duo-pitched Oak Frame set out in a pattern on either side of a 4.5m wide Oak entrance. The Oak Frames measure 8m high and 6.5m wide respectively, these Oak panel Frames are incorporated alongside outer-walls.

The Oak was 250 x 250 in size through the construction.

The Oak Frames and Entrance frames took Harlow Timber Systems 12 weeks to com New Area 5 factory, where they were then dismantled and delivered to sit in kit form for joiners to install and fix with Oak pegs.

The value of the Oak project was completed for £72,000 pounds the larges Oak project taken on by Harlow Timber Systems.

At present Harlow Timber Systems have an order book of that will take the manufacture of Oak trusses and frame some 12 week forward into December 2017.

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