Harlow Timber tops out in style

Posted: Tue, 25 Mar 2014 17:55

Harlow Timber tops out in style

William Davis Contractors – Lewisher Road Project Commercial Sector

The Lewisher Project - with a value of £174,000.00.

Involved some very special trusses.

Harlow Timber Systems were requested to design the roof to assist in the supporting of the main gable walls to eliminate the use of steel wind posts. The design also had to incorporate the external wall as a timber frame structure, with Canadian Red Cedar cladding being added to the structural panels to complete the complete structure.

The cost to supply this to Wm Davis from Harlow Timber Systems was £25,000.00.

To assist in the time on site Harlow Timber Systems designed fire spandrels some 14.5m long supplied in two parts. The frame was encased in multiboard and plywood weighing nearly 1 tonne. These were slotted to the central corridor producing a fire protection for the office units below.

The design of the roof consisted of 14.5m Mono truss shape – completely braced and wind girders were installed to the underside of the trusses along the wall plate edge – forming a lattice effect some 1500mm deep. These were fixed to wall and truss with special connection details designed to accommodate the wind forces being applied at one of the highest locations in Leicester.

The roof construction was finished of with a structural wall panel made off site at the Bardon depot – Fully insulated and water tight. The Spandrel panels were then cloaked in a RED Cedar Clad fixed with hidden fixings to the structural panel.

These were lifted into place and fixed the roof structure to form a closed panel system to the roof structure.

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