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Christmas Close Down

Christmas Close Down

Posted: Fri, 22 Dec 2017 08:48

Please be aware that our offices are closed from the 22-12-17 until the 3-1-18.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Harlow Timber Systems produce fantastic Oak Frames..

Harlow Timber Systems produce fantastic Oak Frames..

Posted: Fri, 01 Sep 2017 15:39

Harlow Timber Systems produce fantastic Oak Frames..

An extra care scheme for the over 55s, Phase 2 Humberstone Ave Grimsby is another flagship development by Westleigh. It also represents a challenging building project with a complex roof constructed using in excess of 1,000 timber trusses supplied by Harlow Timber Systems.

Harlow Timber Systems was asked by Westleigh, the building contractor for the multi-million pound scheme, to devise a roof for the Community Hub building. Working with the engineer Diamond Wood, it was decided at an early stage to supply the building with large Oak sections to complete the entrance, rear and link area.

The roof was formed using dual, preformed Duo-pitched Oak Frame set out in a pattern on either side of a 4.5m wide Oak entrance. The Oak Frames measure 8m high and 6.5m wide respectively, these Oak panel Frames are incorporated alongside outer-walls.

The Oak was 250 x 250 in size through the construction.

The Oak Frames and Entrance frames took Harlow Timber Systems 12 weeks to com New Area 5 factory, where they were then dismantled and delivered to sit in kit form for joiners to install and fix with Oak pegs.

The value of the Oak project was completed for £72,000 pounds the larges Oak project taken on by Harlow Timber Systems.

At present Harlow Timber Systems have an order book of that will take the manufacture of Oak trusses and frame some 12 week forward into December 2017.

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Harlow Timber Systems has taken on two new apprentices.

Posted: Fri, 01 Sep 2017 15:36

Harlow Timber Systems, which is one of the leading Truss Manufactures in the UK, has taken on two apprentices for the Bardon Head office.

David Stockill, managing director of Leicestershire-based Harlow Timber Systems Ltd, said: "We want to invite anybody with an interest in construction to consider applying for one of our apprenticeships and help us to develop the Timber Engineering sector of the Building Industry.

"We are proud of our apprenticeship scheme and the talented team members who will pass through it and stay with the company over the years to come.

There is often discussion over the lack of skills within the industry, but we feel we're playing a small but vital part in addressing this gap and setting up our staff for years of success."

Harlow Timber Systems part of the Harlow Bros Group have invested in an apprenticeship programme which sees learners work on actual projects coming through the business, this will form part of their working week, as well as taking part in classroom-based learning at a local college."

"We want our apprentices go on to have amazing careers with us and play an important part in developing our talent of the future.

"By learning and providing new skills they help us to meet the future challenges of the Timber Truss Rafter Industry."

It is with great pleasure that Harlow Timber Systems are able to introduce to the Harlow Bros Business, two outstanding members of the HTS team

  • Elliott Liddle-Yau
  • Nicholas Tosh

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Harlow Timber Systems Keeps Expanding

Harlow Timber Systems Keeps Expanding

Posted: Wed, 23 Mar 2016 09:00

Harlow Timber Systems continues to expand in response to the significant uplift in the trussed rafter and metal web floor market.

The expansion includes new staff as well as new appointments, a large investment in a new fleet and the opening of another premises purely for production purposes.

The new factory will be based at Bardon Hill Coalville, just yards away from our existing head office. The additional 10,000 sq/ft will help with the production of metal web joists on a new Uni Roll 75-Birch Press and spandrel panels for the housing market. The new unit will also produce our feature Oak and Douglas Fir products.

In addition, investment is also being made at the HTS headquarters in extra pressing equipment which will be dedicated to the manufacture of timber roof trusses.

There has also been a need to expand the fleet with purchase of two new forklift trucks and two new 7.5 tonne lorries.

David Stockill, Managing Director said: " This expansion marks an important step in Harlow Timber Systems Limited development as a company, we have worked hard to weather the downturn in the building industry and felt this was the right time to invest with the industry recovery.

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New designer from South Africa

New designer from South Africa

Posted: Sat, 01 Aug 2015 10:00

Harlow Timber Systems has welcomed a new designer/estimator at the Kettering Branch.

Keagan Badenhorst has traveled all the way from South Africa and brings with him 8 years of experience as a senior designer and estimator.

Keagan is also fully qualified in the use of the latest Mitek software.

Speaking of his new posting he said: " I look forward to working for Harlow Timber Systems and bringing my experience and knowledge with me."

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Production Director appointed.

Production Director appointed.

Posted: Wed, 01 Jul 2015 10:21

Due to the continued growth in the manufacture and supply of timber trusses; Harlow Timber Systems has promoted Gary Jarvis to Production Director.

The Board of Directors decided that with the growth of the business the need for a Production Director was required. Gary Joined HTS formerly H&S Timber Systems Limited in 1984 after deciding to enter the timber trade at the age of 16.

Commenting on his new appointment, Gary said : "During my time with HTS the company has grown from a £2 million turn over to one now achieving £10 million over all three sites. It does not appear to want to stop there, with the purchase of a new factory, my time and production skills will be used to set up the new factory, where we intend to manufacture easi joists, spandrel panels and feature work, to meet the demands of our clients."

David Stockill, Managing Director added: " I would like to congratulate Gary in his promotion to Production Director, a position well deserved for this hard work and dedication to the company. This appointment marks an important step in Harlow Timber Systems development as a company, with the expansion plans of the business, it was seen as just as important to strengthen the team who are driving the business forward.

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Roof trusses donated

Roof trusses donated

Posted: Sun, 15 Mar 2015 10:00

Harlow Timber Systems has also been busy helping to transform a Loughborough family's home as part of BBC's DIY SOS.

A Host of local tradesmen and supplies got involved with the popular television programme, with HTS donating timber roof trusses which were used in the extension of the house.

HTS in conjunction with Westframe Timberframe were on hand to design, manufacture and erect the structure to create a large two storey dormer extension. On site the roof was fitted within two days.

David Stockill, Managing Director for Harlow Timber Systems said : "Having seen the final result, I was tremendously proud of our company for supplying a good product to such a worthy cause. I would like to wish the family good heath and happiness in their new home for many years to come.

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Harlow Timber tops out in style

Harlow Timber tops out in style

Posted: Tue, 25 Mar 2014 17:55

William Davis Contractors – Lewisher Road Project Commercial Sector

The Lewisher Project - with a value of £174,000.00.

Involved some very special trusses.

Harlow Timber Systems were requested to design the roof to assist in the supporting of the main gable walls to eliminate the use of steel wind posts. The design also had to incorporate the external wall as a timber frame structure, with Canadian Red Cedar cladding being added to the structural panels to complete the complete structure.

The cost to supply this to Wm Davis from Harlow Timber Systems was £25,000.00.

To assist in the time on site Harlow Timber Systems designed fire spandrels some 14.5m long supplied in two parts. The frame was encased in multiboard and plywood weighing nearly 1 tonne. These were slotted to the central corridor producing a fire protection for the office units below.

The design of the roof consisted of 14.5m Mono truss shape – completely braced and wind girders were installed to the underside of the trusses along the wall plate edge – forming a lattice effect some 1500mm deep. These were fixed to wall and truss with special connection details designed to accommodate the wind forces being applied at one of the highest locations in Leicester.

The roof construction was finished of with a structural wall panel made off site at the Bardon depot – Fully insulated and water tight. The Spandrel panels were then cloaked in a RED Cedar Clad fixed with hidden fixings to the structural panel.

These were lifted into place and fixed the roof structure to form a closed panel system to the roof structure.

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Winner TRA Award 2014 - Harlow Timber Systems

Winner TRA Award 2014 - Harlow Timber Systems

Posted: Mon, 03 Mar 2014 17:16

Winner TRA Award 2014 - Harlow Timber Systems

1st March 2014

Harlow Timber - Throws a curve.

A challenging building project with a complex roof constructed using in excess of 1,800 timber trusses supplied and fitted by Harlow Timber Systems has won this years TRA project award. The presentation took place at the TRA AGM, with Craig White Chairman of Wood For Good presenting David Stockill with the award.

The 132-bed extra care scheme for the over 55s, Broad Meadow in Dudley is a flagship venture for Midland Heart, the largest housing and regeneration organisation in the West Midlands. The roof is formed using dual, preformed mono-pitched trusses set out in a radial pattern on either side of a 2.5m wide flat roofed corridor which accommodates sun pipes to allow daylight into the accommodation below. The trusses measure 8m and 7.5m respectively from external to internal wall plate; spandrel panels are incorporated alongside party-walls. With the trusses fanning out from 300mm centres on the inner curve to 600mm centres on the outer curve, a key challenge was to bend the bracing to follow the shape of the roof.

The plan of Broad Meadow is circular. A three-storey building, housing one and two bedroom apartments, curves to link with communal facilities which include a restaurant, shop and well-being facility. At the centre are landscaped gardens and courtyards.
Harlow Timber Systems was asked by William Davis, the building contractor for the £16 million scheme, to devise a roof for the apartment building. Working with the engineer BSP Consulting, it was decided at an early stage to span the radii of the roof with timber trusses.
The external overhang of the eaves was cut short in specific areas allowing raised parapets and inboard gutters to form features of the external elevation. Internally the top-ends of service risers had to be fitted in between the trusses and other mechanical engineering equipment accommodated.

Humam Sharifi, associate at architect Nicol Thomas Ltd, comments: Timber trusses provided the ideal solution for this project and the trussed rafters were very flexible in responding to the curved roof over variable spans together with its inboard and outboard characteristics. Harlow Timber Systems provided invaluable support and knowledge throughout, particularly in the way they coordinated their design to reflect the combination of a warm roof system with a cold ventilated arrangement.

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Harlow Timber Systems is solid with Oak

Harlow Timber Systems is solid with Oak

Posted: Fri, 10 Jan 2014 17:03

Harlow Timber Systems utilised the Wolf design software to design OAK components to fabricate special Oak frame for a Garden room worth £28k. A wide variety of frames were designed up to 4.0m high and 9m long. The construction of the main Garden building, involved the use of Green Oak 300mm x 200mm thick, all hand planed, with mortised and tenon at each connection point. The oak frames had to be pre built within the factory at Bardon to ensure solid connection with the use of galvanised steel rods bolted through the joints. Once built they were de-assembled and transported to site for site fix.

Harlow Timber Systems worked closely with the main contractor, Tony Morris Builders.

Tony Morris, of Tony Morris Builders commented: "While we would probably always have gone for the Oak timber frame for the Garden Room, the length required to span the building was making us lean towards a steel roof structure, covered with Oak boards to have the desired effect. It was when we learned that Wolf's manufacturer, Harlow Timber Systems, could design the frame with the Trussed Rafter package on the contract and in a far more economical and environmental aspect to the building, we know we had made the right decision!"

Harlow Timber Systems, which has office at Bardon, Kettering and now Burton produces a wide range of truss solutions, specialising in bespoke-engineered roof structures for private builders, national House Builders and the commercial and industrial buildings contracting.

"Our in-house design team works closely with the architects, contractors and engineers to ensure we produce a workable solution to even the most challenging designs" comments David Stockill

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